Computer Courses

The center has an air-conditioned computer room, with 20 fully equipped computers and 24-hour access to Internet service. Computer classes are divided into the following: Courses for Basic Computer Operator - Windows, Word, and Excel, taught by professionals from the National Service for Professional Development (SNPP) and local professors; and the Advanced Operator Course - Power Point, Access. There is a Computer Course for Children, which has as its principal objective to introduce the use of the computer as a tool to support the school curriculum and to encourage thinking abilities as of the early age of 4 years. This service is presented by the Educational Computer Center CompuKids, whose didactic educational programs reinforce and support school subjects such as: Mathematics, Communication, Language, Music and Art, Natural Sciences and Research. These classes are in the charge of Professor Mónica Gadea, B.A. with specialization in Educational Computation.

Computer Course for Indigenous Natives

The Center has developed four intensive training courses in applied computation, Windows environment, for Indigenous Natives of the Chaco, sponsored by the program PRODECHACO. In this context, more than 60 Indigenous Natives have passed through the Center's classrooms in order to receive training in the use of the technology, and many of them continue receiving support free of charge.