They say the eyes are like "windows of the soul" or "one look is worth a thousand words", we want to discover these windows to the soul of our Paraguayan Chaco and express in words the thousands of images that only a photograph can be expressed .

Melody Cultural Center invites you to discover the "Eyes of the Chaco," through your participation in our digital photo contest. This activity will be an opportunity to demonstrate your photographic point of view of what is the Chaco, as is its people, its nature, the moments and places that characterizes it.

Participating in this contest you will have the opportunity to not only share pictures but will allow us to reflect on the current state of Chaco and their progress, setbacks and changes both positive and negative. Selected photographs will not only be recognized in this instance, but also representing the particular impression of the young look at the Paraguayan Chaco, its tangible and intangible, natural and historical.

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