Alliances and Memberships

SNPP: National Service for Professional Development. With the SNPP we offer professional courses in computation, marketing, public relations, and the production of ornamental plants. We grant official SNPP diplomas.

FONDEC: National Fund for Culture and the Arts.The agreement gives us access to many cultural activities such as concerts, plays, and art exhibitions.

CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT NETWORK This involves us in national and international activities. We participated in the event on the "Presence of the Guaraní Language in the Literature of the Guaraní Tongue", as well as in UNESCO's World Day for Cultural Diversity.

UNESCO ASSOCIATED SCHOOLS NETWORK The Center meets with the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, carrying out joint activities within the framework of Education For All, and in the development of a culture of Peace. It acts as liaison for educational institutions in the community, and interacts with other associated schools.

CHACO DIGITAL: ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD Melodía is a key partner in the Project to implement the One Laptop per Child in the Department of Presidente Hayes.

Other Partnerships

Paraguay Educa

Member of the Departmental Board of the Childhood and Adolescence Secretariat.

Member of the Interinstitutional Commission on Civic Security of the city of Villa Hayes.

Secretary of the National Coordination Committee of Coordinators for the Sounds of the Land Project.