Sound of the Land


The Sounds of the Land Project is national in scope, and is about community and social integration through choral and instrumental music. Its immediate objective is to create musical groups, children and youth choruses, and to train them to play orchestral instruments.

The immediate beneficiaries of the project are youth from the country's interior, without ruling out the participation of adults who demonstrate interest in the formation of musical groups or in the construction of musical instruments (lutherie).

The group currently has more than 30 participants, and to date has achieved the formation of the first Youth Chamber Orchestra in the Chaco Region, thanks to the free music classes that children and youth may access through this Project.

The incorporation of wind instruments has made possible the formation of the First Youth Symphonic Orchestra in the Chaco; over a period of 2 years, 60 beneficiaries will have free access to musical formation. The Youth Orchestra of the Centro Cultural Melod̀a has participated in three national seminars for youth orchestras. It has also offered several presentations at the community and departmental levels.

The Project of the city of Villa Hayes counts on the collaboration of a Parents' Commission, the government of the XV Department of Presidente Hayes, the Municipality of Villa Hayes and private citizens.

Considering the computer infrastructure with which the Centro Cultural Melod̀a is equipped, the implementation of the study of Music Reading has been achieved with the support of computers. In this way, this resource is used not only by the Project's participants, but also by the students of the Teacher-Training Institute in the area of artistic education.

Number of Participants: 60 children and youth from 7 to 17 years old (Chorus, Orchestra, Classical Guitar).

Instructors: Prof. José Luis Miranda: Orchestra Director and in charge of Music Reading.

Prof. José Miguel Miranda: String player and Professor of Instrumental Technique.